Auto Gordian Knot

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Convert DVD to DivX or XviD easily




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Auto Gordian Knot is a complete utility to convert files in DVD format with .VOB or VCD extensions to MPEG-2 format. You only have to insert the directory where the file is found and choose both the compression codec you want to use (DivX or XviD) and the destination folder of the resultant video file.

In the audio area, Auto Gordian Knot supports the AC3, DTS, PCM, MPA codices for incoming files and AC3, DTS, CBR MP3 or VBR MP3 as export formats. It also allows the inclusion of subtitles and even determines both the final size as the parameters for the division of the final file (in case you want to record the video on a CD support and the size is bigger than 700MB).

The program automatically detects if the incoming video is in PAL, NTSC format or a hybrid of the 2.

The duration time of the conversion will vary depending on the size of the original video varying from a few minutes for files of 5 minutes to some hours for movies of a higher duration.

The program is still in a period of development of a new version whose most outstanding improvement is the support to also convert files into AVI DV format.

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